GKEML (Chongqing) assisted Chongqing Jiangjin Comprehensive Protection Zone to complete the bonded entry of the first China-Europe Freight train (Chongqing) non-ferrous metal special train


The organization and operation of this special train – GKEML (Chongqing) is located in Luohuang Lingang Industrial City, the main business of customs supervision goods warehousing services, bonded warehouse management, bonded logistics center operation and other businesses. Previously, its bonded warehouse in Jiangjin Comprehensive Bonded Zone has been officially unveiled. This marks the GKEML (Chongqing) bonded logistics warehousing distribution project officially put into operation, the future will have a large number of non-ferrous metals from Russia, Central Asia and other places, with the help of China-Europe freight trains for efficient transportation, for the surrounding enterprises to significantly reduce raw material procurement costs and logistics costs. The project is also conducive to promoting the improvement and optimization of Jiangjin’s local metal supply chain, so as to further enhance market competitiveness.