London Metal Exchange certified warehouse

We have been a partner of LME since 1997

Transportation network all over the world

Safe, fast and efficient transportation service

We currently offers integrated “one-stop” services in China and Singapore.

GKE Metal Logistics (GKEML) is accelerating the market layout and has established professional teams in Singapore, China, Korea, Taiwan and other countries. The aim is to provide our customers with a safer, more convenient and more complete "one-stop" service.

Warehousing Services

GKEML has a strong warehousing and professional operations team. Whether it’s LME or non-LME, or bonded and non-bonded business, we can get used to it.

Logistics Services

GKEML understands that logistics is critical to the supply chain, so we support it through a strong network of partners around the world.

Inventory pledge management

The items that customers store in our warehouse can be mortgaged through various financial instruments. We regularly submits information to customer.

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